Jessica Lutton Bedient

From one person doing good comes awholebunchofpeople doing good.


“A whole bunch of people decided to not just sit there, including you.”


Newlyweds Jessica and Tony Bedient were involved in a severe car accident October 9, 2010; Jess passed a few days later. 

Jess devoted much of her time and energy to helping many humanitarian causes both in her community and around the world. True to her life, Jess gave of her physical self to help others: a young girl received her very special heart, a Midwestern man was blessed by Jessica’s lungs, and another will regain sight. 


The recipients of her physical gifts will certainly not be the only ones to benefit from Jess’ legacy. Jessica donated much of her time and energy to helping many different humanitarian causes around the world and throughout her community. She has touched so many lives in her short time here on earth and by her example many will continue to give.


We encourage all of you, awholebunchofpeople, to share your stories of how Jess touched, encouraged, or inspired you.  And then, PASS IT ON. Donate of yourself in gratitude. Mentor a youth, paint a playground, rake a yard, buy a friend lunch and spend time listening, and encourage those you have touched to donate themselves and continue to PASS IT ON. Then, inspire others by writing about it here on the Share Your Story page.


In the days, weeks, and months to come, we will have space for you to post your pictures, your stories, your videos of how awholebunchofpeople can make a very big difference.

From one person doing good, came awholebunchofpeople doing good. Be a part of it. Don’t just sit there.

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